Custom Art

Thank you for your interest in our custom art services.  What may we do for you?

Every custom project is unique and therefore is quoted separately.  For our local customers, in many cases, we can provide complete service that includes design, securing the garments, printing, and delivery.  All you need to do is to approve the art and pay.  The cost of producing a customized tee shirt art depends on:

• Deadlines

• Art Development/Complexity

• Volume

• Number of Colors

• Printed Areas or Sides

            • Type of Garment

If your deadline is short, say two weeks or less, then it may not be possible to meet your needs especially if you want new art. A custom job typically takes two to three months particularly if original art is desired.  We also need to consider the availability of the blank stock and the printer’s schedule and workload.

Art Development/Complexity
The time and cost of developing original art depends on the scope of the entire project and the clarity of the idea(s) that you have.  More lead time doesn’t always guarantee creativity but it certainly helps to move the design to something close to what you like.  Please note that what you see on the computer screen and the final product on a printed tee shirt will have some drop off in clarity due to the coarse nature of garment printing.

The more shirts you print, the lower the unit cost.  Conversely, the lower the count, the higher the unit cost.  This is because certain fixed costs are involved like art, color separations, and screens.  A small minimum order is consider as 36 to 60 pieces.

Number of Colors
The number of colors to be incorporated into the design will increase cost since a screen and color separation is required for each color.  In the design process, we try to minimize the number of colors without sacrificing design quality.  However, the final decision is left to the customer.

Printed Areas/Sides
In addition to the number of colors, the number of sides or areas on the garment to be printed affects cost.

Type of Garment
While we normally deal with regular short-sleeved tee shirts, other styles are often requested such as women’s tee shirts, long sleeved shirts, fleece and zippered hoodies, etc.  We will do our best to accommodate your request but it often depends on what is carried locally by the suppliers.

Reference can be provided upon request.  The artwork you see on this website is indicative of our style and design capacity. Besides designing for tee shirts, we also can do art for logos, banners, business cards, etc.

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