How long have you been around?
We started in 2001.

Where are you located?  Do you have a store?
We do not have a store.  We sell our shirts primarily at select craft fairs on Oahu and now online through our website.  Mahalo for your visit.

Where else can I find your shirts?  Does anyone carry your shirts?
Vue Hawaii, a specialty clothing store located at the Kahala Mall, Honolulu, carries a limited selection of our designs.

Who thinks of these ideas?
The designs are the creations of Henry Yuen, a local guy.  Our unique local culture offers many opportunities to take a fun look at ourselves.  We just hope to present and celebrate this uniqueness with respect, good humor and quality graphics.

Do you wholesale?
Not at this time.



Will the shirts shrink?
The shirts we use are preshrunk.  Even though they are preshrunk, you may expect some shrinkage of about 5 to 7 percent especially if you dry them in a dryer on high heat.  We have more information in our Product Information page.

Do you print your own shirts?
No. We subcontract the printing to a local printer.

Are your shirts screen printed?
Yes.  The design of a  properly cured screen printed shirt will last for a long time and will not peel like a heat transfer. 

Are the designs on the front or the back of the shirt?
All the designs are on the back of the shirt, unless noted otherwise. On the front left chest area is the Local Guyz logo.

What is the smallest/largest size you carry?  Do you have kid’s sizes?
Our largest tee shirt size is 3XL and our smallest size is an adult men’s small.  We do not carry any youth sizes, sorry.  Usually our men’s small is okay for a kid of about twelve years old.  Of course, it depends on the size of the kid.

Our largest tank top size is 2XL and smallest size is Medium.

For specific size information, please go to our Product Information page.

Do you have pocket tee shirts?
Yes, we do have pocket tee shirts in certain designs.  The shirt color is mostly ash.

Do you carry women’s style shirts?
Not at this time.  We hope to develop a women’s line in the future.


How do you ship?
We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) and recommend using their flat rate service.  We will also use Fedex or UPS as needed.

I’m on Oahu.  Can I pick up? Will you deliver?
Yes we can arrange for pick ups. Please email us at info@localguyzhawii.com to arrange the details.  Goods must be prepaid.  Yes, we are also willing to deliver if you have a large enough purchase and depends on your location.  Again, we can discuss

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we are willing to ship to foreign countries.  However, you must realize that every country is different and you must accept the possibility that shipments may not be received or received in a timely manner.  Also, actual shipping costs will be assessed to your purchase.  Please inquire with us via CustomerService so we can learn of the details and provide you with specific cost information.

Tracking and Confirmation?

We will use delivery confirmation and shipments will have a tracking number.

Shipment Not Received?
If for some reason you do not receive your shipment, we will do our best to work with you and the carrier (usually the USPS) to locate the parcel.  If this does not result in location of the parcel, then we will need to determine how to fairly resolve this issue to the satisfaction of both parties.



Golfaholic What is a mulligan?
A mulligan is a golf term for a “free stroke”.  It is also called a do-over.

Kanikapila:  What does “Kanikapila” mean?
The term Kanikapila has come to mean “a backyard jam session”.



Wrong order?
If we made a mistake in pulling your order, please advise us and we will gladly make the correction at our expense.  If it is not our mistake, then you will need to pay the costs of shipping and handling.

What should I do if one of my products arrives damaged?
We hope not! We inspect every item before it is shipped.  However, if we missed something, we will gladly replace item (if it is still available/in stock).  If we cannot replace it, then we will offer a discount or a refund, depending on what the problem is.



Do you do custom work?
Yes. All of the designs shown on this website can serve as my portfolio. If you like what you see, please email me to see what I might do for you. Send your email inquiry to: info@localguyzhawaii.com

How much would it cost to do some custom shirts?
For custom work, every job is different so it depends. The main factors to consider are: a) quantity of shirts, b) art development time, c) style of garment, d) number of sides to be printed (e.g. front, back, sleeve) and e) the number of colors required in the design. Another factor is the deadline for the finished goods.  The more time you allow, the better.  Typically a complete custom project will take two or three months.   Please inquire with Customer Service for more information about custom jobs.

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