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To help you with your evaluation of our products, we have included detailed information on this page based on information from the garment label and our experience with the garments. As far as shirt quality – fabric, assembly and fit,- please keep in mind that Local Guyz is not the garment manufacturer but that we “decorate” garments that are manufactured by others.    We also use brands that we believe to be of good, consistent quality.  If you do not find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us at:

We currently use Gildan tee shirts as our primary brand.  We also have shirts under the Anvil and Hanes Tagless brands.  For tank tops we primarily use Alstyle or Anvil.  In both styles, we may have other brands that we have used over the years.  As described on their labels, these garments are assembled in various countries outside the U.S from fabric made in the U.S.

Except for Ash and Heather Gray, all t-shirts and tank tops are heavyweight 100% cotton and preshrunk.  Ash and Heather Gray are 99%cotton/1% other and 90% cotton/10% other, respectively.

The garments are preshrunk, however you may still expect between 3% to 7% shrinkage especially if you use a dryer on high heat. Colored shirts may have shrinkage less since they have already had some shrinkage in the dying process.

We currently only carry adult men’s short sleeve tee shirts, pocket tee shirts and tank tops.  We hope to expand our style selection in the future.

Tee shirt sizes are adult small through 3X.  Tank top sizes start from medium to 2X.  Please refer to our sizing chart below for more information on the measurements to help you in your decision making.

The t-shirt colors as shown in our illustrations and photo images are a reasonable representation of the fabric color, however, you should give an allowance for some color variation on the actual product.  The colors you see on your computer screen may vary from computer to computer due to calibration issues and ambient lighting conditions.

Our designs are applied by screen printing using plastisol inks (a plastic based ink).  A properly cured print should last as long as the shirt.  We do not use heat transfers, which may tend to peel over time.

Unless indicated, all designs are printed on the back of the tee shirt and our small Local Guyz logo is printed on the front left chest area.

DO NOT IRON. You should never iron directly on the printed design otherwise you risk damaging both the design and your iron. Wash like any other t-shirts. See Shrinkage information if you use a dryer.

Please use this chart to determine the best size for your purchase. You should be aware that apparel sizing, between manufacturers, is not always consistent and (it seems). Even within the same brand, some variances will exist. So, to give you more better size information, sample measurements taken from our stock are presented in the charts below. Please keep in mind that these pre-wash measurements are averages so allow for variances of (+/-) 1/2 to 3/4 inches, especially in the length and width.

In using the charts and diagrams below, please note the following: 1) measurements are in inches; 2) all measurements shown are “flat” measurements. E.g., If you want the full circumfrence for the chest, measurement “a” should be doubled; 3) the collar measurement “c” is taken from outer edges of the seam; 4) Measurements “d” and “e” are measured seam to seam/edge; 5) Measurement “b” starts from the top edge of the lower collar.

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