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A real conversation starter, lots of fun, and at least we tried.  These are rebus puzzles where the elements of the picture are attempting to convey a particular message, phrase or saying.  Solving conventional rebus puzzles are difficult enough but when you  try to do it for local terms, it can be mind blowing but good fun.  So, with a little bit of effort and tinking local, you can get it!  If you are still stumped, just flip over your front helm and check out the answers.  You can also get more detailed explanations of the answers here:

Front (warm up)

A.  A man’s head in the shape of not a square but a diamond … equals Diamond Head.

B.  A finger not pointing but poking a key.  Yep, that’s poke the local favorite.

C.  There is rain and two bows.  A bit of a struggle but you got it!  Must be rainbows!

D.  Again, tink local chop suey house and add some engineering.  Huh?  Well, you will know that 2,000 pounds equals one ton, right?  So one ton equals wun ton as in the delicious dumplings.

E.   A clock, the shakka hands and rubbah slippahs.  The clock tells time, right?  Local clock so gotta be Hawaiian Time!

F.  Well, it helps to recognize the fish which is a salmon.   Of course the “me” is low near the bottom, so it’s a “low me”.  A low me plus salmon … must be Lomi Salmon (also referred to as Lomi Lomi Salmon) the popular luau dish of salted salmon, onions, green onions, tomatoes.

G.  Hmmm.  What could five Os represent?  Hmmm.  Five Os….Hmmm.  What does five O’s have to do with Hawaii?  Golly this one is hard!


Back ( More Challenging)

A.  Start with the letter Y.  Now add two keys. Y key key or Waikiki.  Easy one to get you warmed up.

B.  Lots and lots of bettahs.  Locals say Mo Bettah (more better)!

C.  The arrow directs you to the person’s heel…and its pretty low.  So what’s a low heel or perhaps a heel that’s low?  Tink local.  Must be Hilo!

D. Two women pointing at each other.  Of course they aren’t he’s… they’re she’s.  So she and she sounds like… you’re right, Shi Shi!

E.  A classic local saying.  If you recognize the picture as a can, then you realize below it, there is no can.  Can, no can.  If can, can, if no can, no can.  Classic.

F.  A bit more challenging but you can do it.   If you can recognize the caricature of a former Hawaii governor, then you can probably remember that his first name is Ben. Along with the toes, the meaning is clearly Bento!

G.  A pigeon and an Englishman.  Yep, that’s an Englishman.  What in the world could it be???  Tink hard.  Tink more hard.  Now tink local.  Oh, right, Pidgin English.

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